The Blinky Company - Trip Pushchair/Car Seat Sun Shade

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Stay worry-free and enjoy sunshine adventures with the Blinky "Trip Shade" - the ultimate solution for sun protection and peaceful naps on the go!

Cleverly designed for all of your adventures
Designed to provide unparalleled protection, this innovative sun and sleep shade blocks up to 96% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring your baby stays safe and comfortable in the sun.

Versatile and adaptable

The Blinky Trip Shade is a universal fit for a variety of baby gear, including buggies, prams, car seats, bassinets, and more. No matter where your baby sits, you can easily attach this shade for instant sun protection. But that's not all - the Blinky Trip Shade also features a pull-down breathable sleep shade, allowing your little one to doze peacefully in the sun without any worries. Plus, with a reinforced kick panel to withstand those super strong toddler legs, this shade is built to last through all of your outdoor adventures.

Crafted with convenience in mind
“Trip” folds down into an integrated bag and is incredibly lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion for sunny days or holidays. Whether you're strolling through the park or jetting off on a family vacation, this shade is a must-have accessory.

Environment loving
At The Blinky Company we want to help families to explore outdoors whatever the weather, to respect and embrace nature and to do all of this with a child leading the way.
We create multi-purpose products that enable you to buy less and use it more, so that in the long run you save money and waste less.


  • UV safe sun shade (Blocks 96% UVA /UVB rays)
  • 360 degree protection
  • Breathable pull down sleep shade
  • Integrated storage bag
  • Folds down for easy travel
  • Design ensures shade is well away from baby’s face
  • Two way zipper for easy access to baby
  • 100% recyclable packaging 
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Structured open design ensuring plenty of room for air circulation
  • Extra air flow panels added
  • QR code instructions to save on paper
  • Reinforced kick panel for strong legs


• MESH 100% polyester
• BODY FABRIC –100% polyester
• NETTING – 100% polyester

  • Wipe clean, or hand wash with mild detergent. Do not iron, do not tumble dry.
  • RRP £32.99

Safety Guidance:

WARNING Your child's safety is your responsibility
WARNING Ensure the Air-Flo is fully exposed and that baby is checked every 15 minutes when the breathable sleep shade is in use
WARNING Never leave your baby unattended when the Trip Shade is in use
WARNING The Trip Shade is NOT a toy, and is not suitable for children to play with
WARNING Store the Trip Shade out of reach when not in use.
WARNING Keep away from fire and flames