The Blinky Company


Blinky started because we saw a gap in the market for products that help parents to take those first tentative trips out with a new baby, and support the family through adventure after adventure outdoors.

We understand that the best way to learn to respect nature is to get in amongst it. We, and our children, have a big job ahead of us protecting the natural world so Blinky exists to help build a connection to nature that will last a lifetime. We're not about single use products. All of our products are mindfully designed to be multi-functional and to last for years and then be handed down to the next generation of little explorers. We made our packaging smaller to reduce our carbon footprint, and it is 100% recyclable.

Over the next year we will be partnering with some environmental charities to make real and immediate change to endangered species and wildlife. We pledge to create a community of 'outdoorsy' parents, who are supported and empowered to teach their children the beauty of nature and to run our business in a way that actively protects the environment.



Having grown up at the foot of the Mourne mountains in Ireland and spending every holiday in Donegal, Blinky founder Olivia Farnan has seen for herself the difference that nature can bring to children.

“The natural world was where my kids found their confidence. But it can be easy for a parent to stay inside because of the sheer number of things you have to remember. I believe that kids who grow up in nature grow in confidence more quickly, so I design products that help parents and keep kids comfortable.”