Micador early stART

At Micador, we think the earlier children can start playing with and experiencing art, the better. That’s why we developed the early stART range, made especially for one to four year olds.

Kids’ minds are pretty awesome and the things they think of, create, say and do never cease to amaze. So we want to encourage it. We want them to be inspired. To do. To learn. To imagine and to develop. To create, to wonder and to grow. We could learn a thing or two from them! We think art should be accessible for everyone. Not only artists or students. The world’s toy safety standards are very strict and it is challenging to make products that meet them for this age group. For this reason, most companies steer away from making products for under threes. Not us! We’ve given them a whole range.


We know just how important expressing themselves through colour and drawing is. Engaging in art helps with early childhood development, including intelligence and fine motor skills. It provides kids with a learning experience that develops their creativity and personal expression. Plus they love it! We’ve designed our early stART products to have two key features in common: they’re safe for one to four year olds; and they’re easy to use this means that their shape, their size and their texture have been designed with their little hands in mind, along with the specific way young children handle products. This range really is designed and developed just for them.

early stART products let little artists grow and develop as they play, while giving parents confidence that they are using appropriate products.



Micador jR

To enhance the next stage of a child’s creative journey, we introduce Micador jR., designed specifically for 3 to 8 year olds. Motor skills have improved, helping grip and coordination, meaning markings are more accurate and consistent. At this stage, children begin looking for more diversity in colour, shape and texture. Micador jR. provides children with the tools perfect for this developmental stage, while still ensuring safety and washability.

We focus on quality materials as well great design, and as we fan the creative spark into a roaring flame, we ensure that every child’s experience is amazing.


Micador Green eARTH

In 2010 we made a commitment to do our part to make an impact on climate change and sustainability. Not by bringing in a “green range”, but by changing our products to be sustainable with the introduction of Green eARTh product classification. We are proud of how far we have come in 10 years, and believe we are leading the industry with our commitment and breadth of range.

Audits will be conducted bi-annually to monitor progress as we continue to work tirelessly with our suppliers to create and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We’re committed to doing even more!